About Animal Magic

Animal Magic was set up over 17 years ago with the aim of making a small living for ourselves and to fund the Rescue and Rehabilitation of our Native Wildlife, which we are dedicated to help.

Unfortunately the last few years have seen a huge increase in the numbers of displaced, sick and injured animals and we are getting called on more and more for our help to care for them.

For the last couple of years we have been struggling to keep our heads above water; every penny we earn is getting swallowed up by the sheer numbers of animals in need.

The costs are escalating and involve not only cost of feeding, housing and vetinary treatments but also the cost of actually going out and collecting the animals, and then scouting for release sites and releasing the recovered animals and birds, the cost of this can be significant.

We are not a charity and are unable to fund raise or accept donations but if you do wish to help support some of the animals in our care, we can accept a personal gift which would be used towards their care. In view of this, we are having to scale down, we will, however still take in any of Irelands protected species, who need specialised care and rehabilitation.

Unlike other rescue centres, the animals we take in cannot be re-homed like a dog or a cat, and while it is always our aim to release the animals back into the wild once they are fit and healthy, unfortunately this is not always possible. If they cannot be released due to their injuries we then do our very best to ensure that the creatures are housed and cared for and have the best quality of life that it is possible to provide.

Last year alone, 1200 rescued animals and birds came into us, sadly not all of them survived but many of them are now back out in the wild where they belong, with a second chance of life.