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Animal Rehabilatation

Animal Magic with Rosie Campbell

We are busy preparing for the sadly inevitable 'orphan season', knowing that soon we will be home to dozens of orphaned or abandoned young birds and mammals, who, having suffered the loss of their parents, will hopefully be given a second chance at life here at the Animal Magic Rehabilitation Centre. It can be stressful, physically and emotionally draining work, but it is also extremely rewarding. When we do succeed there is absolutely nothing compared to the feeling of elation when an animal returns to the wild.

There are various ways that we raise money, we get very little funding so we rely on visiting Schools, Birthday Parties, Shows, Fairs, Festivals, Various Groups, such as Scouts, Girl Guides, Special Needs, and Falconry Courses and Hawk Walks here at home in Kilmallock.

Give us a call or email us 0876243546 or 06398777

We can guarantee you a day to remember, and you will be helping us to help our wildlife at the same time.

Contact Rosie on 087 6243546, 063 98777 or email her.

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